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Traffic Safety Resouce Center

AAA Foundation for Trafffic Safety

The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety is dedicated to saving lives and reducing injuries on the roads.  It is a not-for-profit, publicly-supported charitable educational and research organization. Since 1947, the Foundation has funded over 200 projects designed to discover the causes of traffic crashes, prevent them, and minimize injuries when they do occur. They have used this research to develop dozens of focused, high-impact educational materials for drivers, pedestrians, bicyclists and other road users.

Alive at 25

Teaching teens and young adults to drive safely is very important.  Alive at 25 takes pride in accomplishing this.  Most driving accidents are preventable, meaning deaths relating to teen driving accidents are preventable.  Teen driving accidents do not have to be the leading cause of death in the US.  Alive at 25 contributes to this cause by saving lives through education.

Distracted Driving Toolkit

This site provides a comprehensive guide to different resources that will help you learn about distracted driving, laws and fines, and the effects of being distracted on the road.

Ed Heads - Activate Your Mind
This is a great site, it allows the students to do a complete crash scene reconstruction and investigation. It also allows them to explore the math and physics behind a survivable crash versus a fatal crash. It is hands on and immersive.

End Distracted Driving - EndDD

The core mission of EndDD is to preserve life and promote safety on a large scale through advocacy, education, and action. It is our hope that we can prevent families and friends from suffering the loss of a loved one because of distracted driving.

National Road Safety Foundation, Inc.
The National Road Safety Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to reducing accidents, death and disability on our nation’s highways by promoting safe driving habits through greater public awareness.  NRSF produces documentaries, educational programs and public service campaigns for broadcast and use in safety, educational and enforcement programs. NRSF offers its productions free of charge.

National Safety Council

The National Safety Council saves lives by preventing injuries and deaths at work, in homes and communities, and on the roads, through leadership, research, education and advocacy.

ABS Education Alliance
The ultimate site for everything you need to know about ABS (Anti lock Braking System)  New technology means that EVERYONE must keep up with the times.  Parents and teenager can heck out this site for sound information as well as view videos on this site demonstrating how and why of ABS. Knowing how to brake and stop a vehicle is vitally important in collision free driving.
Drive It Home
Drive it Home is a resource all parents can refer to, and contribute to, to share proven and effective ways to help our teen drivers through this most dangerous year... and beyond.
Driving Skills For Life
Interactive site designed to test novice drivers knowledge and understanding of the driving task.  Age appropriate using creative techniques to make the information interesting.
GEICO Auto Safety Library  
The videos and written material at this site provide parents and their teenagers information to review and discuss.  related to the responsibility of keeping themselves, their passengers and their vehicles safe.  These online videos are thought provoking and provide various topics related to providing the young driver the new privilege of driving and the temptations they may face.
Keep The Drive
Allstate DRIVER/Teen Education Program. A movement by teens for safe driving.  This site gives students a forum to discuss driver safety issues
Kelly Blue Book
Want to buy a car. Check out Kelly Blue Book prices for new and used vehicles.  Interesting information on this site to have driver check out how much a car depreciates and what kind of features helps to hold the vehicles value.
New York Insurance 101
Everything you wanted to know about Insurance in New York.
PROGRESSIVE - Preventive Maintenance 
If you love your car as much as most people do, you'll want to take care of it. Here are a few basic maintenance and cleaning tips to keep your car in good shape. The site also has many great tip sheets that provide valuable information about driving distractions, insurance topics and what do and how to drive in adverse weather.
Rubber Manufactures Association 
Tire safety knowledge is important. Fewer than half of all drivers check the condition of their tires on a regular basis. Put yourself on the road to proper tire care by taking one or all of our tire safety quizzes at this website. Parent and Teenagers can learn and save a lot by educating themselves about a primary safety source… tire safety.
State Farm invites you to explore and use this comprehensive website, which is filled with free tools, tips, and resources designed to help teens and their parents throughout the learning-to-drive process.
Toyota Teen Driver
Toyota and Discovery Education have teamed up to create Toyota Teen Driver, a comprehensive program designed to help you talk to your students about how to avoid distractions and stay safe behind the wheel.



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