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Urgent Pension Update


Fellow Teachers,
For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Brad Countermine. I’m the current President of the New York State Driver and Traffic Safety Education Association. Recently, I spoke with a member that is retiring next year and asked NYSTRS about his pension numbers. He received a letter saying that tuition-based driver education apparently does not count toward final average salary for pension purposes.

    • NYSTRS maintains that his driver education salary doesn’t count because it was paid through
    • On p. 54 of the NYSTRS Active Member Handbook, Driver Education was listed as a job that
       can add into Tiers 1-5 FAS until two weeks ago (they changed the handbook),
    • NYSTRS has already been instructing districts to stop reporting and paying pension costs
       related to tuition-based driver education.

If you teach in a Driver Education program that is tuition-based, you need to check with your district(s) to see if you are being impacted. If you are, you should:
    • Approach your Union Representative/Vice President/President and have him/her contact
       NYSUT legal to apprise them of the situation,
    • contact both both and
       (supervisors at NYSTRS) by email at the links above AND by phone at (518) 447-2900 x6250,
    • MOST IMPORTANTLY: Fill out the survey at the following link to provide your information:

Driver Education Pension Questionnaire 

Driver Education Pension Questionnaire
Please complete the following questions to the best of your ability so we can determine how many teachers are af...

    • We have to do this ASAP as the guidance has already started.

If there is anyone I have missed, or that you know of in this situation, have them follow the same course of action listed above.

Also, please consider joining the association if you haven't already as there is strength in numbers.

Thank you,

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